We are open Tuesday through Sunday 9AM - 5PM

We now have ON-LINE ordering through the link below!

  • select all your items (you may need to do some scrolling to find things!)     
  • when done adding, go to your shopping cart in top right hand corner     
  • click on "CHECKOUT"     
  • please enter your mobile number and we'll call to confirm your list and process your credit card via phone     
  • once your order is set, we'll have it packed up and waiting for you in our vestibule or inside, if your order includes alcohol

* Due to the large volume of orders being received, orders received after 2PM may not be ready for pick up until the following day.  

** We have also now added a gratuity option at the top of the order list for our amazing staff that are willing to work during these uncertain times.  This could not be possible without them!! 

THANK YOU for your cooperation and support!  BE WELL!!