Farm to Table Pilot Program

Seeking Adventurous, Young Farmers!


Emery Farm is seeking adventurous, little farmers between the ages 9 and 11 (3rd-4th graders) to join our farm-to-table pilot program! This fall we are offering an afterschool program, 3:45-5:15pm with our very own nutritionist, registered dietitian to be, Charlotte. 

The program will be a month long session, offered weekly, Mondays or Tuesdays from September 24th - October 16th , 2018. Each week will consist of a different theme surrounding local agriculture and food preparation. 

This is a hands-on program where your kids will be growing their own food, harvesting produce and creating tasty meals with fresh ingredients. 

Emery farmers will end their season with a true farm-to-table, fall harvest meal that they will have prepared for their family.

Get your kids in the fields early to learn about sustainable agriculture and healthy eating habits. Limited space!


Two 4 Week Sessions:

  • Mondays (September 24-October 15)
  • Tuesdays (September 25 -October 16)

Time: 3:45pm - 5:15pm

Cost: $75

Classes will be held rain or shine

Snacks will be offered at each class

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Class One: The life of a Farmer

September 24th/25th, 3:45pm-5:15pm

The first day of class the kids will get a tour of the farm and learn about farmer Brad’s every day duties. This will involve taste tests of what’s in season, meeting our fluffy farm residents and getting their hands dirty in the gardens. 

Class Two: Waste Wise, Compost

October 1st/2nd, 3:45pm-5:15pm

Class two will focus on composting and the various ways you can deal with food waste. The kids will prepare a tasty meal with emery grown produce where they will be taught about parts of produce that we can in fact eat or feed to farm animals. We will discuss the stages of composting, from food to soil.

Class Three: Squash Galore

October 8th/9th, 3:45pm-5:15pm

Emery farm has an abundance of squash in the fall. This class will focus on the different varieties of squash grown in New England. The kids will be taught about different ways to prepare and eat squash by making a healthy, flavorful meal. 

Class Four: Fall Harvest Meal

October 15th/16th, 3:45-6:00

**Families join at 5:30pm**

Our last class will be a longer class that will involve a true farm to table meal. The kids will demonstrate their newly learned farm and culinary skills for their families! Families will be invited to come at 5:30pm to enjoy a meal at the farm. A menu for this event will be decided ahead of time by the class. We will harvest produce that was planted on the first day of class along with other seasonal foods for a fall themed feast! 

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